Research at The Injury Biomechanics Research Center


  • To improve the biofidelity of anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs)
  • To experimentally define the response of humans to high energy loading conditions, such as those commonly found during automobile collisions
  • To develop injury criteria for various aspects of the human body

Focus Areas

  • Experimental testing to measure the response of the human body to impact
  • Modeling and simulation of high energy impact scenarios
  • Non-injurious volunteer testing to measure the human response to everyday loading

Experimental Facilities

The IBRC has the capabilities to test with both anthropomorphic test devices and post-mortem human subjects. The IBRC works closely with the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, the Center for Automotive Research, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nationwide Children’s Hospital of Columbus, and the Transportation Research Center Inc., to offer one of the most diverse testing facilities in the country.

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