Donation Opportunities

Enjoy the work that we do at the IBRC? Want to help support us in our mission to investigate the relationships between human injury and physical mechanical properties? Want to support student development and education?

Please donate to the IBRC Support Fund, your generous donation will help to directly support the following:

Student development and education

While our students learn many things through their courses at Ohio State and with hands-on research in the IBRC, your donations will help to further the education, training, and certification opportunities for our students, helping to make them better prepared for whichever path they pursue after graduation. Learn more about some of the trainings our students have completed below.

      • Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Training and Certification
        Help our students learn hands-on CRS safety skills and become certified to become Child Passenger Safety Technicians. CPSTs are trained to help parents and guardians in the community select and install the best CRS for their child. Our CPST students regularly give back to the community by volunteering at free car seat check events, in addition to our annual Buckle Up with Brutus seat check event each fall.
      • Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) Training and Certification
        Identifying injuries is essential to our research which enables us to understand and prevent future injuries. AIS training helps our students learn how to correctly identify and scale injuries.
      • HyperMesh and LS-Dyna Workshops
        FE modeling is essential to supplement experimental techniques by evaluating a variety of test conditions which are not feasible or practical to test experimentally. Help our students to learn techniques to refine FE models to improve the outcomes of FE simulations that we use to simulate crash tests in our lab.

Student Research Travel

The IBRC has many connections to other research labs, companies, and universities throughout the world. Your donations help to bolster collaborations both locally and abroad by allowing our students to experience research first-hand at other institutions and conduct collaborative research studies.

Student Conference Travel

Help support our students travel to present their research at the top research conferences in our fields. Presenting at research conferences helps our students to gain essential presentation skills while communicating IBRC research directly to other researchers, medical professionals, and industry partners across the world. Students who have the opportunity to attend these conferences not only gain valuable feedback on their work but are able to forge new connections and expand their perspective on the fields of injury biomechanics, safety, and forensic anthropology.

Any and all donations are appreciated!