Future Students

The IBRC provides research opportunities to interested and qualified undergraduate and graduate students, both PhD and Masters students.  There are many ways to get involved with the IBRC and explore possible career and education pathways for your future. Students who participate in IBRC research are from a wide array of majors including Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Anatomy, Anthropology, and pre-health.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What tasks do IBRC students perform?

IBRC students can expect to perform data analysis, instrumentation, literature reviews, and other general laboratory tasks. The greater the commitment a student makes to the lab, the more opportunities and responsibilities he or she will experience.

How can I get involved with the IBRC?

The IBRC faculty and staff encourage students to visit the lab to learn more about the current research being conducted. Undergraduate and high school students interested in volunteering in the lab should email the IBRL Director or SBRL Director to inquire about open positions. Graduate students interested in participating in the lab should email the faculty member they are interested in working with.

Can I get paid to work in the lab?

There are occasionally paid positions available to students once they gain research experience and demonstrate responsibility and leadership in the lab.

We are currently Accepting applications for masters and PhD students for Fall 2021!