Our Work

Much of the research conducted in the IBRC is collaborative, combining the efforts of students, faculty and staff in the IBRL and SBRL, and our child injury prevention studies (CChIPS) researchers. Our work is best categorized into regions of the human body. Click on the regions below to learn more.


To begin all research projects, we must first identify a problem. This means scouring databases for particular case studies of interest or for all cases representing a particular crash scenario or portion of the population at risk for injury.

The National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) Crashworthiness Data System (CDS) contains field data from representative and random vehicle crashes across the US, and is useful for quantifying incidence and collecting basic data associated with certain crash scenarios of all severities.

The Crash Injury Research Engineering Network (CIREN) contains case studies of serious vehicle crashes conducted by multidisciplinary teams of engineers and medical professionals to tease out injury causation in particular crash scenarios.

Recent Publications & Presentations

Injury Patterns of Elderly Occupants Involved in Side Crashes

Rakshit Ramachandra, Tanisha Kashikar, John Bolte IV

International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury at Antwerp, Belgium (2017).

Abdominal Injury Patterns in Motor Vehicle Crashes - A NASS CDS Database Analyses

Rakshit Ramachandra, Yun-Seok Kang, John Bolte IV

Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine at Quebec City, Canada (2013).