Injury Biomechanics Research Laboratory

The Injury Biomechanics Research Lab (IBRL), under the direction of Dr. Yun Seok Kang, investigates the response of the human body to impact. The IBRL’s research methods combine modeling and simulation of high-energy impacts and non-injurious volunteer testing to measure human response to everyday loading. The IBRL has experience testing both anthropomorphic test devices (crash test dummies) and post-mortem human subjects. Recent projects have also broadened the scope of the lab by participating in human volunteer studies, as well as advancing modeling capabilities.

IBRL Project Examples

  • Knee airbag injury risk assessment for children
  • Biomechanical response of the pediatric ankle
  • Clavicle fractures due to belt loading in rear-seated adolescent occupants
  • Quantifying child restraint system fit in the vehicle environment
  • Development of biomechanical response corridors and injury criteria for a new underbody blast dummy
  • Biofidelity of current rear impact crash test dummies
  • Investigation of injuries in astronauts upon landing due to hard suit elements
  • Evaluation of astronaut helmet kinematics in front/lateral/rear impacts
  • Biomechanical response targets and injury assessment of the thorax in lateral and oblique loading conditions
  • Cervical spine injury assessment
  • Injury criteria for frontal, zygomatic, and nasal bones